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Corabia - Turnu Magurele

“Natura 2000” identity elements and characteristics type 

  • Code: ROSCI0044
  • Site type: SCI
  • Surface: 7024.0 ha
  • Manager: No manager designate
  • Med/max/min altitude: 25.0/47.0/3.0
  • Quality: Corabia – Turnu Magurele sector is situated in Inferior Danube Everglade and presents a special ecological value, because of the presence of some habitats types for communities interest (Code Natura 2000-91F0), mixed “ripariene” forests with Quercus robur, Ulmus laevis and Fraxinus excelsior or Fraxinus angustifolia (Code Natura 2000-91F0), with a lot of savage vines (Vitis sylvestris), but also a lot of water meadows with Salix alba and Populus alba (Code Natura 2000-92A0), as well as silt meadows with Cnidion dubii (Code Natura 2000-6440). Geologically, the zone is characterized like a zone where are meeting silt deposits formed by fine or thick sands, small, big and very big grits, true boulders, banks and clays with variable thickness, well represented. These are interdependent from hydrological regime river and they are keeping bio-geochemical and ecological functions, at the same time presenting importance regarding biodiversity, especially birds fauna, being the zone where many communities interest birds species are nestling, which are retrieved  in Birds Direction, annex I: “ciocintors”, “piciorong”, “pool chira”, “small chira”, night heron, yellow heron, small egret, big egret and spoonbill.
  • Denoting: Therefore after the recommendation made by the Danube Delta Research-Development Institute, Tulcea, this site obtained favorable approval of Romanian Academy-The Protection of Nature Monuments Commission (no.1114/CJ/02.05.2006) regarding the declaring of this site as natural reservation.
  • Property: Approximate 72% by surface site, due Teleorman County, represents state public domain, approx. 16% represents private domain and approx.12% mixed.
  • Priority species: 16 records for ROSCI0044
  • Priority habitats: 4 records for ROSCI0044

Identified resources and potential

  • Resources and natural potential:
    • Inferior Danube Everglade;
    • “Ripariene” Forests and a lot of riverside coppices;
    • Aits formed by Danube River covered with woods;
    • Numerous  birds species: “ciocintors”, “piciorong”, “pool chira”, “small chira”, night heron, yellow heron, small egret, big egret, spoonbill and other.
    • A lot of fishes and animals species which are retrieved in Birds Direction, annex II;
    • Fertile agricultural field.
  • Specifics zone activities:
    • Agriculture (big crop, vegetable, vineyard, fruit-growing orchards and animals breeding);
    • Fishing.
  • Economical activities:
    • Agriculture;
    • Commerce and different services.
  • Tourism potential:
    • Calnovat Ait, “Ostrovul Mare” and “Ostrovul Mic”- ecological  zones;
    • Olt River with Danube River aber – interest for fishing tourism;
    • Recreation area upon Danube river bank (Tr. Magurele);
    • Promenade or left Danube river side;
    • Yacht voyages across Danube River;
    • Ruins and historic vestiges: Turris Fortress (Tr. Magurele), Sucidava Celei (Corabia), Racovita Fortress and Verdea Fortress (Islaz);
    • Museums: Archaeological and Ethnography Corabia Museum, Art Museum from Tr. Magurele;
    • Monuments: “Islaz Proclamation’s Monument” (Islaz), “Silistioara Independence’s Monument” (Corabia);
    • Churches and monasteries: “Sf. Trei Ierarhi” Church, “Moldoveni” Church and “Sf. Nicolae” (Islaz), Ancient Church (Giuvarasti).       
  • Local events: Danube River’s Days (June 29)-Tr. Magurele, Islaz’s Day (June 9).
  • Folklore, traditions and habits: Without specifics traditions and habits of traditional feasts, haven’t been identified another with local specific.
  • Communities investments in progress:
    • Rehabilitation water supply systems and/or sewerage (Corabia, Giuvarasti, Tr. Magurele);
    • Roads modernization (Corabia, Garcov, Giuvarasti, Tr. Magurele);
    • Park and gym hall (Giuvarasti);
    • Tr. Magurele-Nicopole ferry pass point frontier;
    • Water International Center – Tr. Magurele;
    • Turris Medieval Fortress Restoring and its road access.
    • Tr. Magurele rehabilitating port.   
Corabia - Turnu Magurele
Corabia - Turnu Magurele
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